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Oganikk Superfoods handcrafts nutrient-dense and great-tasting snacks by harnessing the power of spinach and almonds. We seek to improve our communities through sourcing sustainably, promoting clean eating, and alleviating hunger donating 3% of our profits to a non-profit of your choice.


Our team at Oganikk combined insights from Blue Zones, scientific research on wellness and tested over 50 combinations of recipes and flavors in the kitchens to handcraft the cleanest and best tasting superfood snacks in the nation.

By stepping up the healthy snack game, we believed we could satisfy our friends’ appetites without feeling the guilt of hurting their bodies. And that’s what happened. Our Superchips are for those that love to eat real food – they are made with enticing flavors like real beets, fresh ginger, Spanish saffron and organic spices such as paprika and turmeric. We marinate these carefully chosen flavors for hours to ensure every crunch is as delicious as the next.

Our chips are 100% Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, and free of gluten, dairy, and soy. Instead of a mouthful of words, we just say “clean,” and eat a mouthful of Superchips instead. If you care about your body, the planet, and mouthwatering flavors, we welcome you to join us on this delicious snacking adventure!

Our Story

In 2016, we traveled to over 25 countries, seeking out the truth behind centennials and their lifestyles. A trip that was meant to discover the world, happiness and good diet also gave birth to our passion for worldly flavors and the benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

It also happened that I was tired of consuming three healthy meals a day, and then caving in at snack time to one of the “healthy” snacks filled with sugars in disguise; preservatives to increase shelf life or foods that were “fortified” with vitamins and minerals!

Although supermarket aisles had an abundance of snack choices…from low fat popcorn to “healthy” bars and “good for you” chips, I really was looking for a snack that complimented the great-for-you handmade meals… with something equally tantalizing. I was seeking naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and ingredients that were sustainably sourced and good for the Earth.

So, we worked with numerous chefs on recipes, and extensively researched the most pressing social challenges related to food such as water scarcity and the increasing rate of heart diseases. This groundwork laid the foundation for what became the first ever Spinach Chip: an ethically-sourced snack handmade in the heart of Brooklyn. It is rife with an abundance of activated almonds per serving that help sweep away fatty plaque from clogged arteries, farm fresh Spinach rich in antioxidants, and seeds that are a good source of omega-3, omega-6 and protein. We finally felt great about snack time!

What started as an idea and personal project quickly became much bigger: our fitness-loving friends began scarfing these low carb superchips after intense workouts, and friends in Manhattan were using them as quick fuel and a pick-me-up during long evenings in the office.

We hope you too enjoy experiencing them… just as much as we have enjoyed preparing each batch with care and passion!

Nit Aswani
Founder & Head of Product


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